With Chabad Suite I Can…

The Shaliach's dream-CRM is now a reality!

Why we use Chabad Suite

Learn how Chabad Suite is changing the lives of shluchim across the globe!

A Home Away From Home

University of Montreal's Chabad on Campus expands to a new home with help from Chabad Suite's time-saving features.

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Uptown Traffic

Chabad Suite's vertically integrated software helps Devora & Yosef Wilhelm keep up with thousands of busy young Jewish socialites.

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Custom JEMs

Educator Rabbi Yossi Shuchat helps his school grow despite a limited staff with custom solutions from Chabad Suite.

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Match Made in Heaven

Tired of bouncing between different apps to get the functionality he needed, Rabbi Yossi Freedman turned to Chabad Suite and never looked back.

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Do More with Less

Chabad Suite helps you do more with less, saving you time and money. Backed by our patient customer service, our software is flexible enough to grow with your organization.


Nearly every component of the software can be customized to fit your organization’s workflows.

Vertically Integrated

With so many tools in one place, data flows easily from one source to another. Get rid of redundancies and integrate the data that is locked up in the many separate apps you use.


Our software is offered at a significant cost savings versus leading CRM brands